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Sagaris 4.0 Coupe. 2005/05

  • Spec
  • History
  • Test Drive
  • Warranty
Tab 1
TVR Sagaris 4.0 Coupe 2. “Fast Formula’d”

“Fast Formula’d”? Well, a Sagaris is fast, Supercar fast - and this example is finished in Formula Red.

So, another Halo TVR just entering our sales car offerings. A splendid Sagaris is one of the most satisfying, driving investments a true Petroholic collector can make.

This superb example has been cherished by just 5 owners (one a lady) over its 18 years life. (Sagaris production began in 2005 and ended in 2006).

The condition of this TVR is genuinely outstanding, and totally belies the fact that the car's actual mileage is 26,640.

When we bought this car we decided it was not up to the standard that we like a Sagaris to be in every area when we offer it for sale. So, we spent the time and the money to bring this car right up to the Str8six mark. It could be said that the car has effectively been recommissioned.

We would also like to make a special observation. Red is a very tricky colour to photograph and to achieve an exact representation of the true colour itself. LK05 GMO is NOT pink! The car itself is in reality a fabulous red - definitely worth a 3 or 4 hour drive to view the real thing.

The exterior colour - Formula Red - is actually stunning and, as the photos do show, the body is unmarked. The interior is unblemished and trimmed in Heron grey hide, smooth and perforated, and grey Alcantara. The seatbacks are painted in the same colour as the car’s exterior. The roof lining is finished in grey Lamonta.

The chassis is in very good condition and has of course been treated with appropriate protection finishes.

The wheels are factory OE Spiders, finished in the correct silver, unmarked and wearing Goodyear tyres.

The car has factory air conditioning and the ICE is provided by a Pioneer MOSFETU one shot dash CD player.

LK05 GMO will be supplied with Str8six’s special “All the 12s” handover specification. The car will receive a
12,000 mile service and 12 months MOT. It will also benefit from Str8six’s own 12 months/12,000 miles FULL WEAR and TEAR WARRANTY. A trickle charger and an Anderson jump start cable will be supplied.

The car will also have
6 months TAX applied from the first day of the month in which the car is collected from Str8six.

LK05 GMO’s Service records confirm the car has covered an average of less than 1,480 miles per year. The car’s second owner (as previously mentioned) was a lady who bought the car from Henley Heritage in 2007 - with 7,900 miles on the clock.

Unfortunately, she became ill and the car was dry stored for much of the time she owned it. When she sold her Sagaris to Kerridges in Norfolk in 2016 she had only been able to drive her car 3,000 miles, during 9 years of ownership.

Overall mileage - 26,640
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Tab 2
The car’s full ownership and service records are listed below:
Owner no.1 acquired the vehicle on 25 Oct 05

04 Apr 06 - 1,150 miles - 1,000 service/Castle TVR
01 Aug 07 - 7,995 miles - 12,000 service/Henley Heritage

03 Aug 07 - Car sold to lady in Leicester by Henley Heritage
17 Sep 08 - 9,542 miles - Low mile service/TVR Power
13 May 10 - 10,871 miles - 6,000 service/TVR Power

Car in dry storage for much of the next period

26 Apr 2016 - Lady owner sold car to Kerridge’s
30 Jun 16 - 11,188 miles - 12,000 service/Kerridges TVR

01 Jul 16 - Car sold to last owner - Saffron Walden
20 Jun 17 - 13,188 miles - 6,000 service/Kerridges TVR
26 Jun 18 - 13,775 miles - 6,000 service/Mat Smith Sports Cars
20 Mar 19 - 15,302 miles - 6,000 service/Mat Smith Sportscars
24 Jun 20 - 18,403 miles - 12,000 service/Mat Smith Sportscars
22 Jun 21 - 20,180 miles - 6,000 service/Mat Smith Sportscars
07 Jun 22 - 23,787 miles - 12,000 service/Mat Smith Sportscars

Most recent owner sold car to Str8six

Date TBD c.26,660 miles - PDI & 12,000 service/Str8six TVR

Tab 3
Please contact us on 07834 739307 or 01844 352735 to make an appointment.
If conditions are wet we reserve the right to provide a demonstration drive, rather than a customer driven test drive. Please bring your driving licence if you wish to test drive this car. Finance is available, subject to the usual terms and conditions.
Tab 4
Complete piece of mind purchasing
- with our 12 months full wear & tear warranty

The above car comes with Str8six's renowned full 12,000 miles service completed, 12 months MOT, 6 months Tax and 12 months/12,000 miles full wear and tear warranty covering parts and labour. Plus an inbuilt 12 volt trickle charger and a 12 volt auxiliary cable (if applicable) will also be provided.
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This car comes with Str8six's renowned "All the 12’s” handover specification
The 12 months/12,000 miles warranty - is
FULL WEAR AND TEAR (Parts and Labour)

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