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Sagaris 4.0 Coupe 2005/05

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TVR Sagaris 4.0 Litre Coupe - ‘Royal Scarlet’

TVR built just over 200 Sagaris. The number registered or SORN’d in the UK is now less than 170.

Prices vary significantly. And it’s not always a case of “You get what you pay for”. Cosmetic condition, standards of technical preparation and Warranty parameters justify careful scrutiny.

Str8six offers TVRs, which are very thoroughly prepared - technically and cosmetically. All carry an exemplary warranty - (underwritten by Str8six, rather than a “defensive” insurance company).

Furthermore, EU05 FDF is not a “Sale or return” car. This Sagaris is owned by Str8six - so issues were resolved without “negotiating” with an owner. This TVR conforms fully to our technical standards.

We also gave careful consideration to this car’s external condition. It was originally finished in Rosso Pearl, a striking colour when new, but which fades over time and is then very difficult to match.

The TVR Factory produced the first Sagaris Motor Show car in a Candy Maroon. It gained a significant following. Str8six had EU05 FDF fully prepared and totally re-sprayed in a brand new colour named “Royal Scarlet”, which emulates that car. It’s impressive on a dull day and stunning in sunlight.

As the photos show, the car’s black and red hide interior - with “carbon leather” features - contrasts with and complements the exterior. The car’s standard 18” Spider alloys have been refinished in powder coated chrome - chosen because it echoes the finish of the Sagaris exhausts, metalwork and headlights. It is also far more durable and resilient than the standard OE silver finish.

The car is now in lovely condition. And this spectacular Sagaris is priced £15,000 lower than the cost of TVRs new Griffith, which may not be available until 2021…

Is “Royal Scarlet” the Sagaris you should choose to enjoy until the Griffith finally arrives - and to keep as an investment thereafter?

EU05 FDF is equipped with a Tracker unit and air conditioning. It will be supplied with Str8six’s renowned “All the 12’s“ handover specification. This includes a comprehensive
12,000 mile service with valve clearance and 12 Months MOT and 12 months TAX. It will also carry Str8six’s own 12 months/12,000 miles FULL WEAR and TEAR WARRANTY, covering PARTS and LABOUR on the whole car. It will have a 12 volt trickle charger and an Anderson cable supplied.
The car has a reasonably well documented service record, as shown. Please “Rely on our reputation”. We have ensured that this Sagaris is “Right up to the mark”.

Overall mileage - 40,615

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History from Documentation
01 Jul 05 - Registered to 1st Keeper/V5C/Castle TVR
25 Jul 05 - 995 miles - 1,000 service/Castle TVR
06 Feb 06 - 6,043 miles - 6,000 service/Castle TVR
15 May 06 - 8,475 miles - 12,000 service/Castle TVR
23 Mar 07 - 13,397 miles - Rect: Diff, Air Con, Exhaust/Castle TVR
07 May 07 - 13,993 miles - 6,000 service/Castle TVR
22 Aug 07 - 16,225 miles - Rect: Air Con, Exhaust/Hexham Horseless Carriages
07 Sep 07 - 16,903 miles - Rect: Air Con, Bulbs/Hexham Horseless carriages
Apr 08 - 17,860 miles - 6,000 service/Valves/Clutch/Align/Hexham Horseless Carriages
12 Apr 10 - 27,412 miles - MOT/Cookstown (N.Ireland)
16 Apr 11 - 29,668 miles - MOT/Cookstown (N.Ireland)
26 Apr 12 - MOT/Cookstown (N.Ireland)
20 Sep 12 - 31,553 miles - 12,000 service/Valves/Eng Mtgs/Torque Flyte Co.Down

13 Sep 14 - Registered to last recorded Keeper - Bespoke TVR
16 Sep 14 - 33,170 miles - 12,000 service/Valves/Screen/Chassis/Bespoke TVR (Internal)
08 Sep 15 - 37,937 miles - 6,000 service/Bespoke TVR, Ware
07 Sep 16 - 39,713 miles - MOT/AH Brooks, Saffron Walden
10 Aug 18 - 40,252 miles - MOT/Engine Checks & Tune/Str8six TVR

Date TBD c.40,616 miles - PDI & 12,000 service/include full Suspension geometry and all engine valves clearance/Str8six TVR

Tab 3
Please contact us on 07834 739307 or 01844 352735 to make an appointment.
If conditions are wet we reserve the right to provide a demonstration drive, rather than a customer driven test drive. Please bring your driving licence if you wish to test drive this car. Finance is available, subject to the usual terms and conditions.
Tab 4
Complete piece of mind purchasing
- with our 12 months full wear & tear warranty

The above car comes with Str8six's renowned full 12,000 miles service completed, 12 months MOT, 12 months Tax and 12 months/12,000 miles full wear and tear warranty covering parts and labour. Plus an inbuilt 12 volt trickle charger and a 12 volt auxiliary cable (if applicable) will also be provided.
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This car comes with Str8six's renowned "All the 12’s” handover specification
The 12 months/12,000 miles warranty - is
FULL WEAR AND TEAR (Parts and Labour)

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