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Tuscan Mk3 4.0S Targa 2007/07

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TVR Tuscan Mk3 4.0S Targa. “Imperial Leather”

If you missed this stunning TVR in the Summer of 2016, here comes “Imperial Leather” again! The advert, full of info when written 2 years ago, is left “as was” - so you can maybe identify this beautiful Tuscan. But the info has been brought right up to date.

You have always wanted a TVR Tuscan Mk3 - preferably a Targa with 4.0 Litre S specification and full aero, but you’re not sure if you like the high tail rear spoiler version…

Our “Imperial Leather” Tuscan S, with low line rear spoiler, should match your requirements perfectly.

Why the soubriquet “Imperial Leather?” For the same reason that Cussons Ltd. chose it in the 1700s.... In the days before the Russian Revolution, the Imperial Court of St Petersburg was considered to epitomise Exclusivity, Prestige and Quality. The leather connection was to the Imperial Cavalry and their dashing, fast, high performance, manoeuvrable horses.

And so the connection to this specific Tuscan! With a perfect exterior in immaculate “Imperial Blue” and a full hide interior featuring the finest Andrew Muirhead “Russian Blue” and “Linen” leathers, this is the perfect steed for a young Tsar - (or even an older one!).

And this Tuscan is indeed a “Russian” TVR, built in the final months when Nikolai Smolenski owned TVR. The young Russian was intent on improving the quality, reliability and durability of TVR products. Smolenski definitely achieved those goals with the Sagaris and Tuscan Mk3s. Indeed, it is said that Tuscan Mk3s incorporated some 230 improvements over the preceding Mk2 model.

Nevertheless, the sands of time ran out and the reputation surrounding TVR duly led to the tragic demise of the company.

But, just 12 years on, this Tuscan Mk3 4.0S should really be as collectable as Faberge jewellery!
TVR built LESS THAN 30 Mk3 TARGA (removeable, hard panelled roof) TUSCANs. These cars were built alongside TVRs halo Sagaris model from 2004 to 2006. (And Sagaris are now commanding prices of £65K to £85K - with one or two asking between £90K and 100K!) Extraordinarily, Tuscan Mk3 S models are priced some £20,000 to £30,000 less expensively than equivalent mileage Sagaris… for the moment anyway.

This particular Tuscan was first registered on 5 Mar 2007, making it one of the very last of its type. It will be only the 7th example of this TVR model that Str8six has ever sold. Interestingly, 2 of the others were purchased by owners with Ferraris in their garages. Is “Imperial Leather” stunning enough and rare enough to add to your collection of cars?

Just for reference, this car doesn’t hang behind in the performance stakes:
0-60 / 0-100 - VMax - Weight - New Price
TVR Tuscan Mk3 4.0S - 3.7 / 8.1 - 185mph - 1085 kgs - (£52k)
Ferrari California - 3.9 / 9.2 - 193mph - 1785 kgs - £153.3
Jaguar F-Type V8 S/charged - 4.0 / 9.4 - 186mph - 1655 kgs - £92.3
MB SL63 AMG - 4.6 / 10.4 - 155mph - 2000 kgs - £114.1
Nissan GTR Black Edition - 3.8 / 8.5 - 193mph - 1775 kgs - £88.6
Porsche 911 Targa - 4.3 / 9.8 - 182 - 1578 kgs - £90.2
Check the weights! Lightness equals agility!!

And what’s the fun in owning a sports car which can be seen 2-3 times in different colours every day? That’s not what Supercar ownership should be about! The idea is to be UNIQUE if possible. And even a Ferrari doesn’t guarantee you that. (There are currently more than 1400 Ferrari Californias, and over 1400 Ferrari 458s, registered in the UK).

And so - to the specifications...
As indicated above, this 2007 Tuscan Mk3 4.0S Targa was totally re-finished in “Imperial Blue” by Surface and Design in 2016. And Trim Unique then final fettled the “Russian Blue” and ”Linen” full hide interior. The carpets are “Royal Blue” bound in “Linen” leather. The still immaculate Spider alloys were changed from Silver to Shadow Chrome. The in car entertainment system is the OE Alpine CDA-9847R, with RDS and an MP3.WMA CD receiver. Air conditioning is installed. The entire car is factory standard - other than the colour of its wheels. But it benefits from a METASAT GPA 600 Pager, Locator, Tracker and remote immobiliser. You can text this system to track the car’s position on a phone, i-Pad or laptop, to limit its speed, and to prevent it starting again after the ignition is switched off.

The car has had only 4 VERY conscientious owners.

The first took delivery from Racing Green TVR on 5 Mar 2007 and covered 11,500 miles in the car’s first 18 months of use. Racing Green then sold the car to its second owner in Sep 2008. He drove it just 8,900 miles before moving to Switzerland and selling it back to Racing Green. It was purchased by its third owner, within a month, in Aug 2010. He drove the car a mere 8,200 miles in 7 1/2 years.

The car was in storage during 2013 (the only year it missed a service) while he was abroad. When Str8six bought the car from him, he said the reason for the sale was that he only used the car on dry days, high days and holidays and found he had only used it on 12 occasions in 2015.

Given the car’s rarity, low mileage and condition, we decided this Tuscan needed to be made into a thing of unparalleled beauty again for its next owner. This is why a few blemishes inside and out resulted in the car being totally resprayed, and the interior trim being addressed by one of the best trimmers in the business - rather than simply valeted.

Three months of preparation later, this superb Tuscan was bought by its 4th owner with 29,000 miles on the clock. He cherished it and enjoyed it covering just over 4,000 miles per annum during his 2 years’ tenure. But life moved on and he decided he really needed a 4 seat TVR so he could carry both his small people at the same time on trips.

He spotted a "ground up restored" TVR Cerbera in the Str8six Sales Stocklist - in the same Imperial Blue colour as his Tuscan. So now he owns the Cerbera… and we have just finished re-preparing “Imperial Leather” The Tuscan has again been subjected to a meticulous PDI, Full Geo set up, etc., etc. and it will undergo a full 12,000 mile service before it becomes its next owner’s Pride and Joy - and maybe the family heirloom?

The car will, as always, be supplied with Str8six's renowned "All the 12's" handover specification. As notified, It will have a
FULL, 12,000 miles (with valve clearance) service, plus 12 months TAX, 12 months MOT and our 12 months/12,000 miles FULL WEAR AND TEAR WARRANTY (covering PARTS and LABOUR throughout the whole car). And it will be supplied with a 12 volt trickle charger and an Anderson jump lead cable.

Overall mileage - 36,875
Finance to suit all needs
We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Pegasus Finance to offer flexible, and affordable finance to our customer that wish to purchase their dream TVR. Finance is available over periods of UP TO 10 years, subject to the usual terms and conditions.
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This Tuscan’s service record is exemplary:
28 Feb 07 - 45 miles - PDI service/Racing Green TVR

05 Mar 07 Registered to 1st owner - Camberle, Surrey
31 Mar 07 - 1,040 miles - 1,000 service/Racing Green TVR
26 Oct 07 - 6,047 miles - 6,000 service/Racing Green TVR
29 Sep 08 - 11,494 miles - 12,000 service/Racing Green TVR

30 Sep 08 Registered to 2nd owner - Knaphill, Surrey
28 Feb 10 - 19,570 miles - 6,000 service/Racing Green TVR

13 Aug 10 Registered to 3rd owner - Maidstone, Kent
17 May 11 - 23,392 miles - 12,000 service/Racing Green TVR
20 Jul 12 - 25,423 miles - 12,000 service/Taylor TVR
29 Apr 14 - 26,297 miles - MOT & Tune/Taylor TVR
02 Oct 14 - 27,302 miles - 6,000 service/Taylor TVR
30 Jun 16 - 28,675 miles - PDI & 12,000 service/Str8six TVR

01 Jul 16 Registered to 4th owner - Swanley, Kent
12 May 17 - 33,435 miles - 6,000 service/Str8six TVR

21 Sep 18 - Part Exchanged for Str8six TVR Cerbera

Date TBD c.36,890 miles - PDI & 12,000 service/Str8six TVR

Tab 3
Please contact Jason Clegg on 07834 739307, or Chas Whitaker on 07810 505059. Alternatively call 01844 352735 or email for more information and to book an appointment. If conditions are wet we reserve the right to provide a demonstration drive, rather than a customer driven test drive. Please bring your driving licence if you wish to test drive this car. Finance is available, subject to the usual terms and conditions.
Tab 4
Complete piece of mind purchasing
- with our 12 months full wear & tear warranty

The above car comes with Str8six's renowned full 12,000 miles service completed, 12 months MOT, 12 months Tax and 12 months/12,000 miles full wear and tear warranty covering parts and labour. Plus an inbuilt 12 volt trickle charger and a 12 volt auxiliary cable (if applicable) will also be provided.
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Finance to suit all needs
We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Pegasus Finance to offer flexible, and affordable finance to our customer that wish to purchase their dream TVR. Finance is available over periods of UP TO 10 years, subject to the usual terms and conditions.
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This car comes with Str8six's renowned "All the 12’s” handover specification
The 12 months/12,000 miles warranty - is
FULL WEAR AND TEAR (Parts and Labour)

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