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Chimaera Mk3 4.5 Conv. 2003/52

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TVR Chimaera 4.5 Conv. “Final Edition”

If you really want a Chimaera, rather than any other TVR model, do NOT let other priorities prevent you from coming to Str8six (Junction 6 of the M40) to see this car. You have heard the expression “The first person who sees this car will buy it!” This magnificent Chimaera quite clearly fits that description - as frequently demonstrated!

This superb TVR has been maintained regardless of expense by every one of its owners. There is only one word to describe the condition of this fabulous sports car - EXCEPTIONAL!

This “final edition” 4.5 litre model is finished in stunning Amazon Green (Dark green/blue) with a Nimbus grey half hide interior. The carpets are pale grey with grey binding and complement the seats and dashboard colours perfectly.

The dashboard is Walnut veneered and features white instrument faces. There is a full complement of aluminium cockpit componentry. The windscreen is a blue green top tint version. The roof is trimmed in black Mohair.

The car has power assisted steering, but is not fitted with air conditioning (very few Chimaeras were). ICE is provided by a Pioneer MOSFET 50W x 4 one slot CD head unit, believed to be original equipment (good for provenance!).

This Chimaera 4.5 V8 is in amazingly beautiful condition - inside, outside and underneath. And many say that the 4.5 litre engine - developing 285bhp at 5,500 rpm and 300ft lbs of torque at 4,500rpm - is the one to own. The 4.0 litre is “calmer” and the 5.0 litre - with 35 bhp more power - but only 20ft lbs more torque - can be a bit more temperamental.

This particular Chimaera ticks all the boxes. It looks beautiful, sounds beautiful and drives beautifully. And it offers the classic, addictive V8 sound of a Griffith - whilst offering more boot space and a more compliant ride. Plus, it is still capable of 0-60 mph in 4.7 secs with a top speed of 160mph (or so the TVR brochure claims!).

This low mileage Chimaera Mk3, with its trademark, iconic and very handsome covered headlamps, was first registered on 21 Jan 2003. It has covered just under 25,000 miles in 20 years (an average of just 1,250 miles per year!).

However, there were years when the car was not driven at all - because the then owner was overseas. And then, one of the subsequent owners - a TVR aficionado who is the MD of a Vauxhall Main dealer - kept PL52 USC warm, dry and on display in his showroom from Aug 2014 to Oct 2017.

He bought the car from Str8six and sold it back to us because his co-Director brother said their showroom was for Vauxhalls - not TVRs! His Chim came back to Str8six by transporter - with only 260 more miles on the clock - in Oct 2017.

Just 3 months later, the next owner P/Ex’d his mint Tuscan Mk3 for PL52 USC. He put 8,700 miles on the clock over the next 4 years. But he is enormously careful not to spoil his TVRs. They are driven in the dry only. If caught out, they are washed off on top AND underneath, then dried off and garaged again on trickle charge.

So his Chimaera. (like his Tuscan) remained as exquisite eye candy for 7 years. He sold it back to Str8six in Feb 2021 to buy a Jaguar F-Type convertible - (acknowledging that the boot was tiny compared to the Chim’s).

PL52 USC’s most recent owner bought his new "Baby" only 4 weeks later - in March 2021. (As you can see, this Chim doesn’t hang about once it’s on the market!). He had planned to keep his TVR for a prolonged period. He did manage to enjoy nearly 6,500 miles in his Chimaera but then another baby was reported to be arriving imminently! We were asked if we would buy the car back. We did so without question as the car is still in EXEMPLARY condition.

This particular Chimaera 4.5 litre is an extremely desirable example of TVR’s classic British high performance sports tourer. And it will be supplied with Str8six's renowned
“All the 12s “delivery specification - i.e. 12,000 mile service, 12 months MOT, and 12 months/12,000 miles FULL WEAR AND TEAR, NO Quibble PARTS and LABOUR WARRANTY, plus a 12v battery trickle charger.

It will also be provided with 6 months TAX.

Overall mileage - 24,775
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The service record is as follows:
15 Jan 03 - Delivery - PDI/The TVR Centre Barnet
28 Mar 03 - 1,083 miles - 1,000 service/The TVR Centre Barnet

25 Apr 06 - 4,402 miles - 6,000 service/Fernhurst Motor Co

27 Apr 06 - Sold to owner no.3 - Chichester
08 May 07 - 6,514 miles - 12,000 miles/Fernhurst Motor Co
20 Aug 11 - 7,188 miles - 6,000 miles/Fernhurst Motor Co

08 Sep 11 - Sold to owner no.4 - Doncaster
29 Aug 13 - 8,813 miles - 6,000 service/Selby TVR
02 Jun 14 - 9,314 miles - PDI & 12,000 service/Str8six TVR

08 Aug 14 - Delivered to Owner no.5 - Dumfries
Dry stored as showroom display
30 Nov 17 - 9,608 miles - PDI & 12,000 service/Str8six TVR

01 Dec 17 - Sold to owner no.6 - Frimley
16 Nov 18 - 12,707 miles - MOT/Deepcut
17 Dec 18 - 13,011 miles - 6,000 service/Str8six TVR
16 Nov 19 - 16,224 miles - MOT/Deepcut
11 Jun 20 - 17,102 miles - 12,000 service/Str8six Ltd
04 Nov 20 - 18,216 miles - MOT/Deepcut

19 Mar 21 - 18,318 miles - PDI/12,000 service/Str8six TVR
20 Mar 21 - Sold by Str8six to Owner no.7 - London SW6

20 Mar 22 - 21,713 miles - 6,000 service/Str8six TVR
23 Mar 23 - 23,659 miles - 12,000 service/Str8Six TVR

Date TBD c.24,785 miles - PDI & 12,000 Service/Str8six TVR
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Please contact us on 07834 739307 or 01844 352735 to make an appointment.
If conditions are wet we reserve the right to provide a demonstration drive, rather than a customer driven test drive. Please bring your driving licence if you wish to test drive this car. Finance is available, subject to the usual terms and conditions.
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Complete piece of mind purchasing
- with our 12 months full wear & tear warranty

The above car comes with Str8six's renowned full 12,000 miles service completed, 12 months MOT, 12 months Tax and 12 months/12,000 miles full wear and tear warranty covering parts and labour. Plus an inbuilt 12 volt trickle charger and a 12 volt auxiliary cable (if applicable) will also be provided.
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This car comes with Str8six's renowned "All the 12’s” handover specification
The 12 months/12,000 miles warranty - is
FULL WEAR AND TEAR (Parts and Labour)

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