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Sagaris 4.0 Coupe. 2006/06

  • Spec
  • History
  • Test Drive
  • Warranty
  • Finance
Tab 1
TVR Sagaris 4.0 Coupe. “Sagaro Express!”

TVR built just over 200 Sagaris. The number registered or SORN’d in the UK is now less than 152. (Make that 151. We have one in a ship en route to Yokohama right now!).

Prices vary significantly. And it’s not always a case of
“You get what you pay for”. Cosmetic condition, standards of technical preparation and Warranty parameters will reward forensic scrutiny.

Str8six only offers very thoroughly
(cosmetically AND technically) prepared TVRs. All carry an exemplary warranty (see below). And this warranty is underwritten by Str8six, rather than a “defensive, payout-averse” insurance company.

Furthermore, MY06 SAG is not a
“Sale or Return” car. This Sagaris is owned by Str8six - so issues were resolved without “negotiation” with an owner. This TVR therefore conforms fully to Str8six’s very high technical standards.

And, to be honest, we had a fair degree of work to do in the case of this particular Sagaris. On the plus side, MY06 SAG is a one owner, low mileage car - and the highly appropriate registration number will stay with it! On the other side of the coin, the car has a slightly chequered service history
(see history tab). Indeed it was not serviced while stored from 2018 until we bought it in Jun 2021. It had also suffered a lack of TLC, as evidenced by a few too many marks on the original Laser Blue paintwork.

We decided that if we were going to paint nearly every panel on the car, we would take the opportunity to carry out a total respray - but in a different blue. The colour we chose was one deployed by Audi to distinguish their RS6 from the remainder of the Audi range. And so MY06 SAG has been superbly re-finished in Audi Nogaro blue.
“Sagaro Blue?” This is a deliberately restrained but clearly high end, “flagship” colour. And it transforms strikingly when sunlight finds the revolutionary “surfacing” of this Sagaris’s bodywork.

As the photos show, the car’s blue and grey hide interior contrasts and complements the exterior handsomely. The photos are more persuasive than words in this context. The car’s original equipment 18” Spider alloys have been refinished in shadow chrome - working well with the car’s dark window glass and the finish of the Sagaris’s exhausts, metalwork and light lenses.

On the technical front, Str8six was faced with the need to focus on virtually every area of the car’s technical specification. Rather than provide a catalogue of labour and parts, we will simply say that we committed serious funds to the car’s technical recommissioning! We will not camouflage the work involved in bringing the car up to the requisite technical standard. Anyone visiting to inspect the car will have the opportunity to review Str8six’s detailed internal invoicing.

The car is now in lovely condition. And note that this spectacular Sagaris is priced £15,000 lower than the cost of TVRs new Griffith, which may not be available until 2023… or later still?

MY 06 SAG is equipped with air conditioning. It will be supplied with Str8six’s renowned
“All the 12’s“ handover specification. This includes a comprehensive 12,000 mile (with valve clearances) service and 12 months MOT. It will also carry Str8six’s own 12 months/12,000 miles “FULL WEAR and TEAR” WARRANTY, covering PARTS and LABOUR on the whole car. It will have a 12 volt trickle charger and an Anderson cable supplied and it will come with its own indoor car cover. It will be taxed for 12 months and it has a Tracker unit that you could have re-instated if you wish.

As indicated, the car has a documented service record, but the provenance record of service invoices is slimmer than desirable. So please
“Rely on our Reputation”. We have ensured that this Sagaris is now “Right up to the mark”.

Overall mileage - 24,800
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Finance to suit all needs
We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Pegasus Finance to offer flexible, and affordable finance to our customer that wish to purchase their dream TVR. Finance is available over periods of UP TO 10 years, subject to the usual terms and conditions.
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Tab 2
History from available documentation

27 Mar 06 - V5C/Registered to 1st owner - Thatcham MY06 SAG

Service book
27 Apr 06 - 995 miles - 1,000 service/Dream Machines
Service book
08 May 07 - 6,160 miles - 6,000 service/Dream Machines
Service book
28 Feb 08 - 12,059 miles - 12,000 service/Dream Machines
MOT History
23 Feb 09 - 17,479 miles - MOT/Dream Machines
Service book
03 Mar 09 - 17,479 miles - 6,000 service/Dream Machines
27 Nov 09 - 19,997 miles - Inspect/Racing Green Cars
Service book
16 Feb 10 - 20,385 miles - 12,000 service/Racing Green Cars
21 Apr 10 - 20,285 miles - Rectif./Engine Improvements/Racing Green Cars
MOT History
03 Jun 10 - 20,699 miles - MOT/4712 5455 0168
06 Aug 10 - 21,078 miles - Rectif. & Re-Tuning/Racing Green Cars
MOT History
28 Jun 11 - 22,673 miles - MOT/5967 7917 1187
23 Aug 11 - 22,855 miles - Rectif./Racing Green Cars
Service book
29 Jun 13 - 23,361 miles - 6,000 service/Racing Green Cars
MOT History
04 Jul 13 - 23,656 miles - MOT/2699 9528 3418
MOT History
08 May 15 - 60,644 miles (Wrong mileage) - MOT /2870 8892 5425
18 Oct 16 - 23,942 miles - Rectif./Racing Green Cars
MOT History
23 May 18 - 24,109 miles - MOT/2092 0132 0805
Service book
30 May 18 - 24,113 miles - 12,000 service/Racing Green Cars

8 Jun 21 - 24,780 miles - Sole owner sold to Str8six

Date TBD c.24,825 miles - PDI & 12,000 service/Str8six TVR

Tab 3
Please contact Jason Clegg on 07834 739307, or Chas Whitaker on 07810 505059. Alternatively call 01844 352735 or email sales@str8six.co.uk for more information and to book an appointment. If conditions are wet we reserve the right to provide a demonstration drive, rather than a customer driven test drive. Please bring your driving licence if you wish to test drive this car. Finance is available, subject to the usual terms and conditions.
Tab 4
Complete piece of mind purchasing
- with our 12 months full wear & tear warranty

The above car comes with Str8six's renowned full 12,000 miles service completed, 12 months MOT, 12 months Tax and 12 months/12,000 miles full wear and tear warranty covering parts and labour. Plus an inbuilt 12 volt trickle charger and a 12 volt auxiliary cable (if applicable) will also be provided.
Tab 5
Finance to suit all needs
We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Pegasus Finance to offer flexible, and affordable finance to our customer that wish to purchase their dream TVR. Finance is available over periods of UP TO 10 years, subject to the usual terms and conditions.
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This car comes with Str8six's renowned "All the 12’s” handover specification
The 12 months/12,000 miles warranty - is
FULL WEAR AND TEAR (Parts and Labour)

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