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Cerbera 4.2 V8 (project car) 1997/P

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TVR Cerbera 4.2 V8 (project car) - “Prospect Pride & Joy!”

This 1997 TVR Cerbera 4.2 V8 Coupe has a clean HPI, and a current MOT dated from 7th Feb 18.

Had Str8six prepared this Cerbera to our usual standard, we would be marketing it at a retail price of £25,500 - complete with our “All the 12’s” Sales preparation, a full wear and tear warranty, 12 months MOT and 12 months TAX.

Unfortunately, we are entering the TVR Project Season and we no longer have the Workshop capacity to assign to this car, so we are offering it at a much reduced price.

When you buy a car for £10,000 less than its potential value, we believe you should expect to invest some of your own time and money to bring it up to whatever standard you require (hopefully saving yourself a sizeable amount of money in the process).

You may wonder why we don’t prepare P688NNE to the same standard as all our other Sales Cars?

There are two reasons:
First, as indicated, Str8six’s MD and engineers are now focused - through the winter - on satisfying pre-planned trade and retail customer engine rebuilds, body off chassis rebuilds, private servicing and the re-instatement of a famous, former Le Mans De Walt race TVR T400R.

And Second, because we feel this Cerbera is equal to a standard where it can be taken forward by a Cerbera enthusiast, willing to work on the car himself or engage the services of a workshop qualified, and with time available, to work on this TVR. Alternatively it could be used for “Spares or Repairs”.

To expand on the the photos, the car’s exterior is finished in a dark Blue (TVR Code P422/R2675). Although in nice condition, it does show signs of wear. The interior is in dark blue and 2 shades of grey, with grey carpeting. Again, this is in reasonable condition for the car’s age, but not up to Str8six’s usual Sales standard.

P668NNE is equipped with the later Cerbera headlight treatment, (which could be colour matched in situ), and the rear lights are “Afterburner” versions. The car runs on 18” Anthracite Spider alloys wearing tyres with good tread depth.

One “bonus” is that the car’s engine was stripped and rebuilt by TVR Power in Sept 2005 - at a recorded mileage of 33,345. The car was also fitted with a TVR Blackpool exchange gearbox at the same time! So these have covered 7,000 miles.

To conclude, should someone be interested in owning this Cerbera 4.2 V8, we will not deliver it to a private garage or a professional workshop “Sight Unseen”. We will instead ask you to visit Str8six to view and to test drive this safety checked, operational, far from “battle-scarred”, potential Pride and Joy! This is one H of a lot of TVR for £15,500!

We will make a ramp available for you to inspect the car properly. We would recommend that you consider bringing someone with a good knowledge of TVR Cerberas (perhaps a professional?) to check the car with you.

Please note: The car will not be sold as a Trade sale, but it will be sold without a Warranty. We are offering the car as “suitable for Spares and Repairs”, Cerbera 4.2 although it is sound enough to take forward for continued road use.

Overall mileage - 40,365
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Please contact Jason Clegg on 07834 739307, or Chas Whitaker on 07810 505059 for more details.
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