A familiar face returns to the hold

Some of you will recognise Chas’ name. He worked at Racing Green Cars selling upgrades, Jaguars, TVRs and Classics for nine years but then took early retirement in November 2010. At least that was the plan, but he was persuaded to join his brother’s company, PW Cars Ltd, selling Volvos in Farnham Common. As Chas says, Volvos are very good and it was fascinating, but they aren’t TVRs and the customers aren’t like TVRCC members. 

So Jason and Chas had a chat and Chas joined Str8six at the end of August 2011 to ‘grow’ the sales operation and to help make Str8six even more customer friendly than it already is!

If you have a nice TVR to sell, or you want it really well prepared, or you would like to buy such a TVR, you can reach Chas via 01844 352735, sales@str8six.co.uk or his mobile 07810 505059. You can also contact Chas if you would like to arrange a visit for yourself or a group of TVR owners.