All for a good cause

We have had Tim Layzell produce 10 limited edition prints of our Tuscan R.
We will be auctioning off just one per year to a good cause.
This years auction is to help the 2 year old grand daughter, Madeline, of Colin and Tina Apps of TVRSSW.


We hope this will be of interest to the TVR community as a beautiful work of art and future collectors piece.

Print size 90cm x 75cm.

The money raised from the auction will be to help with Madeline’s ongoing care.

Madeline suffered a very traumatic birth, starved of oxygen for 12 minutes causing severe damage to her brain known as HIE, Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, and because of this she is classed as deaf and blind, she does have partial sight and has recently undergone surgery to have cochlear implants to help to improve her hearing. She also has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy which means she has muscle tone issues in all four points of her body, she has high tone in her limbs meaning she is generally stiff in these areas, but has low tone in her trunk meaning she struggles to sit or hold her head up. Madeline has medication to help relax her muscles which gives her movement of her limbs, the downside to the medication being that her head and trunk become even more floppy.

Madeline has also developed epilepsy, initially starting as infantile spasms but lately developing into full seizures which has led to numerous visits to hospitals and intensive care units being kept on life support until doctors could control the seizures, Madeline is now on daily medication which hopefully will prevent or at least regulate the seizures.

Lastly, Madeline does not eat like you and I, from day 1 she has struggled with the suck/swallow reflex and has suffered from reflux, she underwent more surgery to have a peg inserted into her stomach so that she can be fed via a tube.

We hope that the auction of this print will raise some much needed funds to go towards Madeline`s on going care.

You can visit the auction site here (bids close at 12 noon on the 5th July 2105)
Tims work can be found here -